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Tourist Office
Burg 11
8000 Brugge

Tel. 050/44.86.86- fax 050/44.86.00



Parking and traffic in Bruges.

During the past few years traffic pressure in the historic inner city has been gradually reduced so as to preserve its unique heritage for locals and visitors alike.Traffic is funneled into five main one way arteries starting and exiting on the ring road.

Arriving by car, you will be able to use one of the five underground parkings (3.675 pl.) in the inner city or one of the parking lots alongside the ring road from where you will quickly reach downtown, walking or using one of the frequently operated bus lines.Cycling, too, is a most enjoyable way to get around in Bruges: cyclists are allowed to ride in both directions in more than 50 one way streets.

Finally, when arriving by train, our Tourist Office near the main exit of the railway station is at your service for tourist information and hotel bookings.The traffic circulation plan applied today in Bruges was designed to reduce traffic pressure in the inner city, so as to preserve the unique heritage you've come to enjoy.

Coaches are only allowed into the inner city only to drive clients to their hotel(s) and to pick them up again. Exceptions to this rule are within the exclusive competence of the local police authorities (Hauwerstraat 3, tel. 32(0)50/448844).

Coach drivers are offered free parking space at the "Katelijnebrug"-coach park (map: F14) with a total capacity of 140 coaches, and facilities such as toilets and telephone. Frequent city bus services are operated between coach park and city centre.

For other special facilities (a/o. emptying of coach toilets) adequate services are proposed by "Eltebe" (Lieven Bauwensstraat 41, 8200 St.-Andries, tel. 32(0)50/32.01.11, fax 31.32.65).

Finally, the coach park is an ideal departure point for city walks with local guides

 CITY BUSES - Free Info Line : 0 800 13663

Main bus stops :

• Station
• Centrum : Markt, Wollestraat, Biekorf, Kuipersstraat.

• One Day pass  for unlimited travel on all city buses.
• Boarding points for buses going to :

1 Ver-Assebroek : Station - Wollestraat
2 A.Z. St.-Lucas : Biekorf - Station (via "Katelijne" parking)
2 Assebroek (Peerdeke) : Biekorf - Station (via "Katelijne" parking)
2 Katelijne parking : Biekorf - Station (bus to Assebroek)
3 St.-Pieters : Station - Markt
4 St.-Jozef : Station - Markt
4 Koolkerke : Station - Markt
5 St.-Andries (Hermitage) : Biekorf - Station
6 St.-Kruis (Malehoek) : Station - Wollestraat
7 St.-Michiels (Kloosterhof) : Biekorf - Station
8 St.-Jozef : Station - Markt
9 Kristus-Koning : Biekorf - Station
9 Hertsvelde : Biekorf - Station
11 Assebroek (Peerdeke) : Station - Wollestraat
13 A.Z. St.-Jan : Station - Markt
15 St.-Andries (Gevangenis) : Biekorf - Station
16 St.-Kruis (Dampoortkwart.) : Station - Wollestraat
17 St.-Michiels (Boudewijnpark) : Biekorf - Station
25 St.-Michiels (Driehoek) : Biekorf - Station
25 St.-Andries (Olympia) : Biekorf - Station

REGIONAL BUSES - Free Info Line : 0800 13663

Buses going to the destinations hereunder can be boarded at Station and/or on the square called 't Zand

• 788/2 (blue) Brugge-Sluis (NL)-Breskens (NL)
• 50a (red) Brugge-Oudenburg-Oostende
• 51a (white) Brugge-Blankenberge
• 66b (yellow) Brugge-Torhout-Lichtervelde-Roeselare
• 749/1 (yellow) Brugge-Zwevezele-Tielt
• 757 (brown) Brugge-Leke
• 770 (orange) Brugge-Houtave-Oostende
• 788 (green) Brugge-Knokke
• 790 (orange) Brugge-Wenduine-De Haan
• 791 (orange) Brugge-Zeebrugge
• 793 (brown) Brugge-Gistel-Oostende
• 798 (blue) Brugge-Moerkerke-Middelburg (B)
• 799 (blue-green) Brugge-Koolkerke-Damme-Oostkerke
• 801 (red) Brugge-Beernem-Knesselare (Ursel)


Brugge, situated on the important railway network London-Brussels-Cologne is attainable by direct trains from the main Belgian cities and from various European capitals. For detailed information about schedules

Check the web site of the Belgian Railways


Stands : Markt : tel. 32(0)50 33 44 44 and Stationsplein : tel. 32(0)50 38 46 60.

Detailed bus-, train- and ferry-schedules are on display at the Tourist Office.

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