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FERDINAND KHNOPFF :  Memories - 1889  (Inv. 3528)
© and reproduced with permission of the Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten Brussel

In 1984 a new museum complex was opened near the Royal Square. In this complex, the collection of modern masters of the Museum of the Fine Arts is now housed. The entrance, situated in a neo-classical building at Place Royal, leads to the underground museum, built around a central light well, where the displays are arranged in chronological order, from level -4 to level -8.

The 'modern' masters of the 19th century, however, are located on the ground level of the Museum of Ancient art , which can be reached via an underground passage between the two museums. Here are displayed Belgian masters such as: James Ensor (The Scandalized Masks), Navez, Wappers, (The days of September), Gallait, Leys, Portaels, Stevens, De Braeckeleer, Boulenger and Van Rysselberghe. Foreign artists are: David, Ingres, Gauguin, Bonnard, Vuillard, Seurat, Signac, etc..

claus3402.jpg (30987 bytes)In the collection of the 20th century the major -isms are represented : Fauvism (Rik Wouters, Spilliaert, Auguste Oleffe, Ferdinand Shirren, Jean Brusselmans), Surrealism (Rene Magritte with 26 major works, Paul Delvaux, Max Ernst, Francis Picabia, Tanguy, etc..), Futurism (Schmalzigaug, Prosper de Troyer), Abstractionism (Peters, Victor Servranckx, Flouquet), Young Belgian painting (Louis van Lint, Bonnet, Mendelson, Mortier, Delahaut), the Cobra movement (with Karel Appel, Pierre Aleschinsky) and others such as Pol Dury, Christian Dotremont, Lacomblez.

EMILE CLAUS : Zonnige Dreef (Sunny Road) 1893 - Inv. 3402
© and reproduced with permission of the Musea voor Schone Kunsten Brussel

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Also post-1960 works are represented: Mark Luyten, Charlier, Mouffe, Van Severen, Broodthaers, etc....

Among the major foreign artists are: Miro, Picasso, Chirico, Dali, Nam June Paik, Boltanski, Allen Jones, etc...

The museum of Modern Art is not entirely devoted to painting. Among the modern sculptors whose work can be admired are: Wouters, Jespers, Cantré, Puvrez, Bury, Leplae, George Segal, Tony Cragg, Strebelle, Ubac, etc...


PAUL GAUGUIN Brittanic Calvary / Calvaire Breton - 1889 Inv. 4416 © and reproduced with permission of the Musea voor Schone Kunsten Brussel


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CONSTANTIN MEUNIER  The Blacksmith - 1886 Inv. 10.000/10

© and reproduced with permission of the Musea voor Schone Kunsten Brussel

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