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The "Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst"
Ghent's renowned museum for contemporary art.


The Arts and Music Center of Ghent

The statue of Jacob van Artevelde on the Friday's Market.

Ghent (in Dutch : Gent) is the fourth largest city of Belgium with about 250.000 inhabitants. It is not as big as Antwerp but bigger than Bruges. It is also less famous among tourists than the often praised Bruges.

The panorama of the three towers of Ghent

However, for some people Ghent is the real diamond of Flanders and  Belgium. In a unique way, Ghent has managed to preserve its medieval power while keeping up with the times. The city center alone is a showcase of medieval Flemish wealth and commercial success. Modern Ghent certainly cannot be overlooked in Belgium. The city has an important harbor, thanks to the canal Ghent-Terneuzen which allows sea-going vessels to bring their products to the city and its industrial hinterland. The Ghent University ( UGent ) continues to grow in importance. The presence of so many young people and students has turned Ghent into an important Flemish cultural center.

Ghent is also the flower city of Belgium. Flower growers from the region around Ghent sell their beautiful begonia's and azalea's all over the world. Every 5 years the successful 'Gentse FloraliŽn" ( Ghent Flower Show) attracts thousands to the city.The tourist will not have eyes enough to admire the awesome architectural wealth , which offers a splendid combination of impressiveness and idyllic charm of the proud and (in former times) often rebellious city of Ghent.
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Tourist Office Ghent
Tourist Office - City of Ghent
Inquiry desk
Crypt of the Belfry
Botermarkt 17A
9000 Ghent
tel.. + 32 9 266 56 60
fax + 32 9 266 56 73
15.10 - 14.03 :
 9.30 am. - 4.30 pm
15.03 - 14.10 :
9.30 am. - 6.30 pm.
Closed: 25/12 and 01/01

The city of Ghent has a broad range of visitor activities. Please click here for brochures or additional information requests.

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