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The BELFRY is the only remaining part of the medieval Cloth-Halls. The statue of Mercurius, god of trade, was placed on top of the building during the 18th century. "Manten" and "Kalle" , two folklore figures of Kortrijk,strike the hour on the clock of the Belfry. At the backside of the Belfry, a war memorial has been erected.

Over a bridge across the river Leie are the BROEL TOWERS.These towers date back to the Middle Ages. They are the oldest remaining parts of the city fortifications. The southern tower, called "Speyetoren" (12th century), was part of the ramparts of the Castle. The northern tower, called "Inghelborchtoren", was especially built for the defence by means of primitive artillery. On the bridge is the statue of Saint Nepomucenus, patron saint of the drowned .



MUSEUM OF FINE ART, ARCHEOLOGY AND DECORATIVE ART is one of the main museums of Kortrijk. The works of art to visit are the lucky of long years of collecting. Besides an important collection of paintings and drawings by the famous painter Roeland Savery, beautiful works of other artists of Kortrijk can be admired as well. The collection of damask (16th - 18th century) is world-famous while the collection of ancient ceramics may be considered as the most important one of Belgium.

Across the market square, the pointed tower of SAINT MARTIN'S CHURCH catches the eye. This church dates back to the second half of the 13th century. It was destroyed in 1382 and rebuilt in the beginning of the 15th century. The tower, built in gothic style, was added later, the original tower having been damaged in 1682. In the tower, there is a carillon of 49 bells.
Inside the church the visitor can admire several works by flemish painters, the Baptistery, the Sacraments tower, the pulpit in Baroque style and the Way of the Cross sculptured in fine Burgundian white stone.

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