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Part of a medieval armour from 1585.Liège has  a number of very interesting museums with collections that rank among the most interesting in Belgium. Here is a selection of some of the most important museums to visit.

THE ARMS MUSEUM (Quai de Maastricht 8, 4000 Liège)

It is the second most important arms museum in Europe. It reminds the fact that Liège has been for a long time a center of arms trade to all parts of the world. Most arms were manufactured in the arms factories of Herstal, close to Liège. The collection is situated in a neo-classical house that was built between 1775 and 1779. During the French occupation the house was the seat of the Prefect of the 'Département de l'Ourthe'. Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in the house twice. Later, the Dutch governor stayed here. In 1858 it was bought by Pierre Joseph Lemille, an arms manufacturer and collector. After his death the city of Liège purchased the house for the arms collection. The museum possesses a total of more than 13.000 items. Only a selection is on display. It is an interesting visit for both the arms connoisseur and the curious visitor.

MUSEUM OF WALLOON ART ( En Feronstré 86, 4000 Liège)

This museum focuses on the art in the Walloon provinces of Belgium (Liège, Hainaut, Namur, Luxembourg and Walloon-Brabant). The works on display date from the 16th until the 20th century. The four-story modern building of the museum with its spiraling interior reminds one of the American museums. There are works from such artists as : Lambert Lombard (Liège 1505-1566), the Liège school of the 17th and 18th century (Gérard Douffet, Bertholet Flémalle, Jean Latour, and others), Léonard Defrance (1735-1805), Nicholas de Fassin (1728-1811), Xavier Mellery, François-Joseph Navez, Constantin Meunier. Also the 20th century is adequately represented: Léon Fréderic, Paul Delvaux, René Magritte, Anne Bonnet, Betrand, Bury, Delahaut.

MUSEUM CURTIUS (Quai de Maastricht 13, 4000 Liège)

The beautiful Curtius house.Dom Rupert 'Madonna' around 1149-1158Already the house in which this museum is situated, belongs to the most remarkable buildings in Liège. It was the house of the 17th century Liège patrician Jean de Corte, more known under his Latin name 'Curtius'. The collection , together with the collection of another museum , the MUSEE d'ANSEMBOURG, gives an splendid and extensive overview of archeology and decorative arts in the Liège area from Gallo-Roman times over the Middle-Ages to the 18th century. Some examples are : the gospel book of bishop Notger (ivory and enamel - 10th and 12th century), a Madonna from Dom Rupert. Other items of the collection are : souvenirs from the history of Liège, coins, seals and medals from the old Prince-Bishopric of Liège. 

MUSEUM OF RELIGIOUS ART (Rue Mère-Dieu - 4000 Liège)

The museum of religious art.An overview of the development of religious art in the bishopric of Liège from the early Middle-Ages till modern times. There is a lot of attention for the cult of Saint-Lambert with historical and iconographic testimonies as well as objects that have a relationship to the patron saint of Liège. The museum also possesses a scale model of the destroyed Saint Lambert cathedral.


The museum is housed in a former industrial edifice. The focus is on the industrial development of the area. There is a reconstruction of an authentic 17th century forge as well as a portrait of a modern steel workshop. Different non-ferro items (the famous zinc bathtub of Napoleon). Another section is about the evolution of 'energy-creation': (the Marly machine, the dynamo of Zenobe Gramme). There is also a separate section about information technology.


THE GLASS MUSEUM (Quai de Maastricht 16 - 4000 Liège)
MUSEUM OF PREHISTORIC ARCHEOLOGY (Place du Vingt Août 7 - 4000 Liège)
MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (Parc de la Boverie 3 - 4020 Liège)
MUSEUM OF WALLOON LIFE AND FOLKLORE (Cours des Mineurs - 4000 Liège)
TCHANTCHES MUSEUM (Rue Surlet 56 - 4020 Liège)

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