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Oudenaarde has one of the most impressive and beautiful medieval town halls of Belgium. The harmonious structure dominates the main square of the city. A first town hall stood here as from the 13th century. This older version was replaced by the present one between 1526 and 1537. The architect was Van Pť (or Van Pede) from Brussels. The influence of the then new Renaissance style cannot be ignored. On top of the belfry tower is the statue of "Hanske de krijger - Hans the warrior", the legendary oldest citizen and defender of Oudenaarde. At the back of the town hall is the older structure of the medieval cloth hall. 

Inside the town hall are some splendidly decorated rooms with Gothic chimneys, mural paintings and works of Flemish masters from the School of Adriaen Brouwer, Oudenaarde's most famous painter.

The former Cloth Hall is now a museum, dedicated to the art and the history of the tapestry. Also on display are historical funiture and documents about the history of the city.


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